The Impossible Quiz

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This is a bright and unique quiz that will not leave anyone indifferent. This is an excellent game for the whole family, making you think about even the most common questions. Some tasks may seem simple at first glance, but this is far from the case. You must show all your ingenuity to finish the level as efficiently as possible.
In this game, you have to test the level of your knowledge about the environment. You need to read the questions that appear on the screen very carefully. After that, you need to come up with answer options that are the most appropriate. Of the several options available, you have to choose only one.
If you answered a particular question correctly, you could move on to the next one. Otherwise, you will have to start playing from the very beginning. Therefore, you have no room for error. You need to be attentive to achieve your goal and test all your knowledge about the world around you.

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